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The Unconventional Freelancer Course

Five weeks with customized feedback each step of the way.

If you've made it this far then you're serious about building a freelance business instead of just hustling for the next paycheck.

Online videos, podcasts and articles are great places to start learning about freelance, but they don't add up to a consistent, long-term strategy. If you get excited about starting a personal project one week, try value based pricing the next and then dip your toes into social media marketing - you are not building your freelance business. You're dabbling.

My course is not just another collection of "tips and tricks". Instead of giving you fifty different options, I teach a comprehensive approach to creative freelancing.

Each week of the course builds on content from the week before, and by the end of the five weeks you will have a deep understanding of the philosophy, strategies and tactics for creative freelancing.

Here's what you'll learn:

Week 1: Portfolio
  • How to define your role as a creative freelancer
  • How to organize your current portfolio
  • How to formulate your client pitch
  • Assignment: selecting relevant pieces to support your pitch
  • How to make sure your portfolio is professional
  • How you should use and build your freelance schedule
Week 2: Marketing Strategies
  • How to build your portfolio site for potential clients, not your peers
  • How to build landing pages that will get you clients
  • Assignment: formulate and mock up effective landing pages for your website 
  • How to construct a professional brand
Week 3: Getting Clients
  • How to search for and pitch to your ideal clients
  • Assignment: drafting your pitch email
  • What to expect and how to play the numbers game when finding clients
  • How to get paid on time
  • When you should expand into other marketing channels
Week 4: Developing your Personal Creative Vision
  • How to pick a personal project
  • How to set parameters for your personal project
  • How to use deliberate practice with your project
  • How to build a project timeline you'll actually stick with
  • Assignment: the six week project outline
  • How to push your project out of your comfort zone

Week 5: Getting Paid for your Personal Vision
  • How to transition personal projects into client work
  • How to get the right kind of feedback for your work
  • Assignment: setting goals for your creative freelance business
  • Bonus - answers to common freelance questions.

Each week also have an additional reading list and further resources.

  • 5 week course

    The course content will be released week-by-week in logical order. Each section will build on the week before. You will get lifetime access to this resource.

  • 5 assignments

    Weekly assignments will put into action the course content. You will receive detailed written critiques geared toward helping you achieve your freelance goals. Assignments typically range from 3-5 hours each.

  • 30+ modules

    Each week's topic will be split into smaller modules so you can easily reference a section later on. Modules are constantly being updated with new material.

Tools to get you started

Below I'll share with you some tools and ideas that you can put to use immediately.

Time is money and I value you being here so let's get started.

Let's tackle the three hundred pound freelance gorilla first: time management.

One of the first shocks of freelancing full time is the lack of structure. Suddenly you have to manage every single hour of your day - it took me years to admit I needed a schedule.

You might be struggling with the same thing, so I'm sharing my simple setup with you. It's free, you'll just need a Notion account to make a copy of this template and start using it. (You're gonna love this tool, btw.)

It's dead simple. You put all your freelance tasks in a Master Task List and then you forget about it. Every day, you just look at your Daily Task List and it will tell you exactly what you need to do that day, and when.

By implementing this simple schedule I've tripled my productivity - no joke. It'll do the same for you.

Don't build your freelance website like everyone else.

Clients shouldn't have to figure out your services.

I'm going to share one more thing in the time we have left together. I need to share this because if you get nothing else from this site, get this:

Don't build your portfolio site for your peers.

You don't have to be Insta-famous to be a successful creative freelancer, but you do need to reframe your artist's lens with a marketer's lens when it comes to self promotion. Typically, this is what a freelance illustrator or animator's site will look like:

Look familiar? 

The problem with this layout is that it offers no context for the visitor, and forces them to figure out who the illustrator is, whether or not they are reliable and what each of these pieces were used for. In short, this is a website that would only be understood by a fellow illustrator. And your fellow illustrator is not your client.

Never burden your potential client with figuring out why they should hire you. It is your job to figure out the service you provide and how your service will solve the client's problems.

It's better to provide clear context for your work and to package it in a way that doesn't tax your visitor's attention and time (because they don't have any):

This is just a taste of the kind of material and re-thinking of conventional freelancing approaches covered in the course. All the processes I teach are distilled from my personal creative freelance experience and I ground each lesson with practical case studies from my own client project archive that's not available anywhere else:

Get access to my client case studies

I share with you how I found, contacted and landed some of my favorite client projects.

I also share my own journey on the path to finding my personal creative vision, and how I've been able to translate my personal project successes over into client work.

You get to see every aspect of the creative freelance framework in action.

Customize your freelance game plan

Get 1:1 personalized feedback on all course assignments.

You will be putting into action all the course content and submitting them as assignments for review. I will post detailed written feedback, providing tactical as well as strategic suggestions for how you can best position yourself as a creative freelancer.

You can be assured my feedback is honest, practical and takes into account your current skillset, experiences and what you want out of your freelance career.

Here are some unsolicited testimonials from current and past students:

(I agree, Kevin. I AM a godsend! 😜)

Discover how the creative freelance framework can help you overcome your freelance challenges.

7 day money-back guarantee. Personalized feedback. Five weeks.

5 week course + personalized feedback on weekly assignments

COVID offer: Every purchase of the course now comes with a 1:1 call to answer all your freelancing questions.


  • What can I ask you during a consultation?

    Each person’s skills and experience are different and the best way to figure out a way forward is often to seek impartial diagnoses from someone just a few steps ahead in the creative journey. My clients hail from all over the world and work in fields from illustration to video production to motion design to graphic and tattoo design. The content of the consultation is up to you – some recurring topics are: portfolio reviews, refining your creative service as a freelancer, how to set up personal projects, how and where to find clients, how to schedule freelance life, diagnoses on what's working and not working in your current freelance business.

  • I want to take your course but I'll be busy for the next few weeks

    That's fine. The content is released over five weeks but the course is self-paced and you can take it whenever you are able. I limit the number of students as my schedule allows, so signing up now secures my time to give you personalized feedback whenever you have time to submit your assignments.

  • Who is this course suitable for?

    Creatives who are stuck at full time jobs and want to make the leap into freelancing. Creatives who have been freelancing for a while but now their client revenue or personal output is stagnating. Creatives who have an established freelance business but don't have a personal vision for their personal work as well as those who need a fresh pair of eyes to point out what is or is not working about their approach to freelance.

  • Who is this not suitable for?

    Those who need to make money NOW. This course does not contain tips or "tricks" to help you make a quick buck. This course is about putting in time and effort to build a sustaining, lasting business.

  • I've gotten a lot of success in the past, but now I'm struggling with my freelance business. Is your course appropriate for me?

    Yes. The beauty of this course is that you get to work with me directly so I tailor all feedback to your current situation. All freelancers experience this cycle - they start off with one approach, it works for a while, but then it stops working. The landscape of work is constantly changing and a freelancer has to keep changing with their creative field. This course gives you the strategies to build your business in such a way as to constantly be adaptable and become more valuable as your experience with freelance grows.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    Yes. You have seven days to evaluate the course content and if you think it's not a good fit, just shoot me an email with your feedback and I'll offer you a full refund.

Thank you for visiting this site 🙏

I trust this content has been helpful for your creative freelance journey and I look forward to working with you. If you have any questions at all - about the course, about freelancing - please shoot an email to and let me know how I can help.